Christmas Creations part 2

When the creative spirit rises and combines with a yearning to explore some new ideas – my motto is, go for it! After all, nothing ventured nothing gained.

This was exactly the frame of mind that led me to purchase some pompom makers of varying size.  I could recall at about the age of 7, my mother and grandmother showing me how to make pompoms at my request.  I was completely enthralled by the idea that just by threading some wool around a carefully cut set of cardboard rings and cutting through the wool and securing it, a complete fluffy pompom of any colour or variety of colours could result.  I made dozens!

The newly purchased pompom makers made the production of pom poms quick and easy.  Now all I needed was a project and as if by magic, I happened upon a small book by Alistair Macdonald which made Christmas creations out of pompoms.  Let me introduce to you the results of this relaxing and fun way to spend a few hours.

santa pompom decoration  snowman pompom christmas decorationchristmas pudding pompom decoration



Crocus cottage christmas creations

Full of good intentions to keep you all abreast of the crafting goings on at Crocus Cottage, I have failed miserably! Let me attempt to make up some ground..

Following on from my felting activities, I had a yearning to revisit some jewellery making.  A friend and I had undertaken two short day courses on beading and wire work jewellery some time ago.  I decided to use some of the techniques used on the course but also to attempt to try something different with the items I had to hand and some creative license.

I had a hugely enjoyable couple of days wrapping wire onto almost anything! Some of the results are shown here.

circular wired earrins with 3 coloured central beaded dropper wire work circles in gold coloured wire gold wirework earrings with gold coloured glass bead tear drop shaped pearl earrings with zig zag wire and diamonte rose coloured glass earrings tear drop shaped pearl earrings green glass beaded drop earrings with 2 coloured bi cone beads


It’s been a while!

I can’t quite believe how long it’s been but during this silent spell, much crafting has taken place!

One of my most recent felting items was for a family member who required a gift for a teenage girl who has a very strong faith.  Given that I had never met the aforementioned young lady, I gathered as much information as I could about her.  The resulting angel/fairy is what was produced.  May I introduce ..  Sunburst angel.

sunburst angel

I hope it conveys the sunny disposition and personality of it’s intended recipient.

I am now working on some items that are completely different – i’ll keep you posted!!

The good thing about rain

Such a beautiful sunny Spring day yesterday – fast forward 24 hours to pouring rain! That doesn’t put us off here at Crocus Cottage though , so today I have felted a Spring scene in the shape of an Easter egg with sun shining, flowers blooming and sheep grazing.  A bright yellow Easter chick has taken shape as has the face of an Easter bunny.  A crocus yellow hoop is now also awaiting the final flourish of spring flowers to be attached.  Productive and therapeutic!

Be sure to revisit Crocus cottage in the next few days when I will be happy to share the visual evidence of todays labour.

Bye for now.

Hello! How do you do.

It’s very nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting crocus cottage.

A creative Celt, now based in the Midlands, I love all things crafted. I have found a particular affinity for the art of needle felting and I would love to share with you my newest creations and learning so please feel free to add a bookmark. There is an open invitation for you to visit Crocus Cottage again soon when I hope to have furnished the interior with some Spring accessories for your perusal.

Let’s catch up soon!