The good thing about rain

Such a beautiful sunny Spring day yesterday – fast forward 24 hours to pouring rain! That doesn’t put us off here at Crocus Cottage though , so today I have felted a Spring scene in the shape of an Easter egg with sun shining, flowers blooming and sheep grazing.  A bright yellow Easter chick has taken shape as has the face of an Easter bunny.  A crocus yellow hoop is now also awaiting the final flourish of spring flowers to be attached.  Productive and therapeutic!

Be sure to revisit Crocus cottage in the next few days when I will be happy to share the visual evidence of todays labour.

Bye for now.


Hello! How do you do.

It’s very nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting crocus cottage.

A creative Celt, now based in the Midlands, I love all things crafted. I have found a particular affinity for the art of needle felting and I would love to share with you my newest creations and learning so please feel free to add a bookmark. There is an open invitation for you to visit Crocus Cottage again soon when I hope to have furnished the interior with some Spring accessories for your perusal.

Let’s catch up soon!