Crocus cottage christmas creations

Full of good intentions to keep you all abreast of the crafting goings on at Crocus Cottage, I have failed miserably! Let me attempt to make up some ground..

Following on from my felting activities, I had a yearning to revisit some jewellery making.  A friend and I had undertaken two short day courses on beading and wire work jewellery some time ago.  I decided to use some of the techniques used on the course but also to attempt to try something different with the items I had to hand and some creative license.

I had a hugely enjoyable couple of days wrapping wire onto almost anything! Some of the results are shown here.

circular wired earrins with 3 coloured central beaded dropper wire work circles in gold coloured wire gold wirework earrings with gold coloured glass bead tear drop shaped pearl earrings with zig zag wire and diamonte rose coloured glass earrings tear drop shaped pearl earrings green glass beaded drop earrings with 2 coloured bi cone beads



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