Christmas Creations part 2

When the creative spirit rises and combines with a yearning to explore some new ideas – my motto is, go for it! After all, nothing ventured nothing gained.

This was exactly the frame of mind that led me to purchase some pompom makers of varying size.  I could recall at about the age of 7, my mother and grandmother showing me how to make pompoms at my request.  I was completely enthralled by the idea that just by threading some wool around a carefully cut set of cardboard rings and cutting through the wool and securing it, a complete fluffy pompom of any colour or variety of colours could result.  I made dozens!

The newly purchased pompom makers made the production of pom poms quick and easy.  Now all I needed was a project and as if by magic, I happened upon a small book by Alistair Macdonald which made Christmas creations out of pompoms.  Let me introduce to you the results of this relaxing and fun way to spend a few hours.

santa pompom decoration  snowman pompom christmas decorationchristmas pudding pompom decoration



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